piątek, 5 lutego 2010

Mamy zaszczyt.

After postmodernism rules, end of the end of art,decadence, relativizm.
Everything was done...Even end of Art.
There is no u to use make an Art exhibition even more.
People do not go exhibitions maybe sometimes vernisage - cause is party related event...
There is carnival at present times , society want to have fun!
Carnival era is a time of parting, enjoying life.It is a time of breaking rules and norms.
The jester becomes King. The culture of laughter presents a dominant system of values,
standing the hierarchy on its head.
Let`s party than!
Viva la Hedonism! (posthedonism?)
Following the rules above Kuratorki instead of unniversary posh exhibition, organize
birthday party at Art gallery.
It will be a try of creating cameral, private atmosphere in the official place and conditions for
consuming Art.
Is it possible? Does it make sense?
Will see ...
And now... let`s party till sunrise!

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